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Dallas County Memo Agreement

Have you been arrested for a Dallas County misdemeanor?  If so, it may be possible to have your case dismissed with a memo agreement.  In Dallas County, a memo agreement is a form of pretrial diversion by which your criminal charge can be dismissed, under certain conditions. To be considered for this form of pretrial diversion, you must: never have been previously arrested or charged with a crime (i.e., aside from the offense with which you are presently charged).  Secondly, there are certain Dallas County crimes for which you cannot receive a memo agreement.  For example, DWI’s, assault/family violence, and certain other charges are not eligible for this type of disposition.  Finally, you must agree with the Dallas County District Attorneys Office to perform certain tasks, in exchange for which the State of Texas will agree to dismiss your case.  For example, if you are charged with theft, you must take an anti-theft class.  Community service is usually required.  And you must pay a fee to the Dallas County District Attorneys Office, as well as to the Dallas County Adult Probation Department. Provided you comply with the agreed upon conditions, your case will be dismissed.  Additionally, because your case has been dismissed in this fashion, you are elgible to expunge the charge from your record, subject to certain limitations.
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