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My green card was stolen and I need to travel outside the U.S. soon. How do I renew my green card in time for my trip?


My purse was stolen along with my green card. I wanted to take a trip abroad this Summer, but I can’t travel without my green card. Can I replace my green card in time to travel this Summer? I am eligible to apply for naturalization. Would it be quicker to become a citizen? 


In order to travel abroad, you will need to file an application to replace your stolen green card. If you have not already done so, you should file a police report on your stolen purse. USCIS often likes to see a copy of the police report when a Permanent Resident claims their green card has been stolen.

Right now it is taking about 3 and 1/2 months for USCIS to replace a lost green card. If you need to travel before then you can get an I-551 stamp put in your passport. The I-551 stamp is temporary proof of Permanent Residence. To get the stamp you will need to make an Infopass appointment at your local USCIS office. You will need to bring your receipt notice that you will receive for the application, your passport, and proof of your upcoming trip such as a copy of your ticket. Some USCIS offices will not grant the stamp more than 30 days before the trip.If you have lost your green card or had it stolen, or if your green card has expired, you will need to file an application to renew or replace your green card before you can apply for naturalization. You do not have to wait for the new card to apply for naturalization. You can file the application for naturalization with the receipt notice from the application to renew or replace your green card.

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